Alpha Update


We are 5 weeks into the 10 week long Alpha course. God is continuing to prove his power to transform hearts and change lives through this ministry. The meetings are winding up at about 80 attendees...Praise God!

Steve Sinclair, who serves as the Outreach Deacon, shared some highlights from the past few weeks:

While placing door hangers and inviting people to Alpha can seem mundane or perhaps challenging, the results can actually have eternal significance! For example, two people, a mother and her adult daughter, came to Alpha as a result of a door hanger that was placed on their door.

Another neat story involves one gentlemen who shared that he had signed up for a bowling league that meets on Tuesday nights. When someone invited him to Alpha, he didn't realize that Alpha also met on Tuesday nights. After deciding to participate in the bowling league, he discovered he was not enjoying the bowling because, turns out, he felt like he should be at Alpha. Now his Tuesday nights are spent at Sovereign Grace Church's Alpha.

God continues to show his saving grace. Just this past week Steve Sinclair and the Alpha team were able to witness Alpha participants coming to know Jesus as their Savior.

Please be praying for Alpha and for people's hearts and minds to be opened to what the Holy Spirit has for them.

Lastly, if you are interested in serving Alpha it would very helpful to have someone to serve one week in childcare. If interested, please contact Steve Sinclair at

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