Meet Our New Pastor: Andrew Kalvelage

What is the name of your wife and three kids?

My wife's name is Christina, we have been married for over 15 years and we have three children - Caleb who is 13, Peter is 10 and LeAnna who is 6.

Where are you coming from?

We are Midwesterners originally from Wisconsin and Indiana, but have lived on the east coast for 9 years and most recently have lived out of West Philly for 2 years.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy doing about anything with my family, playing, talking, wresting, living, etc. Really it's the simple things that fill my life in the day to day - I love to pray and read. I enjoy good conversation, good friends, the outdoors, a good meal, fitness, investing in and sharing life with the people that make up our local church.

How long have you been in the ministry?

I was a youth pastor for a few years when I was younger, but more recently we have been with Sovereign Grace for 9 years and active in ministry with SG for 5.

What excites you about coming to SGC to serve as a pastor?

It's an amazing opportunity to get to serve at a church that has had faithful and heathy ministry for over two decades. We have sensed that this church, although large, has a real family feel to it, and also seems to have attracted a good diversity of people that seem to share real community and care. Add tho this that we love South Jersey and are excited about the gospel's advance there. In general the work of ministry that I am most passionate about is the reality of God in Jesus Christ, and the reasonableness of full devotion to him. My desire is to help make disciples in the context of the local church that are mature in Christ for their good and for his witness and glory.

We are looking forward to loving, living and serving with all of you.

Where will you be living in NJ?

We are moving to Pennsauken on December 2nd.

How can we pray for or serve you and your family in this transition?

For prayer - Please pray for our hearts to be knitted together in love and service - in good speed.

Although; the Lord has been providing in regards to housing - buying and selling. There are still many details involved with finalizing everything and moving - prayers for all of that are appreciated!

For serving - if any of you are good at taking down wall paper and painting for the new house that would be huge help!


Feel free to reach out to Andrew at

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