Men's Discipleship Class

We men want to fix everything. We want be strong. We aim to be examples and lead. And most of us do. The beauty of my experience in MDC was that we learned the answer to achieve all those things was through Him."

- Jeremy Rudko

The Men’s Discipleship Class is a 7-week introduction about understanding God's mandate on men becoming devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The class focused on five main topics: Identity, Dependence on God, Servant Leadership, Church Commitment, and Mission. Each topic was addressed biblically through the lens of answering two primary questions: “Who am I?” and “What is my Purpose?”. The topics are introduced through a combination of class instruction, sharing and discussion.

After the quick 7 weeks, the Men's Discipleship Class has come to an end. Here is a testimony from one of the many guys whose life has been impacted through attending the class.

"I only signed up for the Men's Discipleship class for my son Johnny. He was interested and asked if I would take the class with him. I had good intentions to sign up in the past, but somehow the time to sign up expired every year. I came to find out that this class I assumed would be helping my son, in actuality, really blessed me. These classes truly opened my eyes to what I needed to do and how God wants me to contribute to His kingdom. Every class was relative to my walk with Jesus, but for me the biggest eye opener was my dependence on God and accountability to others.

I always took pride in doing everything on my own. Even though I was involved in a community group, once I left the group I felt I was on my own and alone. I had made many acquaintances but no one I really felt accountable to or comfortable to share my past burdens. After sharing during class and listening to others sharing, I realized that we had more in common than not. I wasn't the only one carrying secrets and burdens. We all had similar trials and it became easier to open up and share our seemingly gloomy, burdened past.

I felt a heavy weight lifted off of me knowing that I wasn't facing my battles alone. God wanted me to be dependent on Him. He asked that I cast my cares upon Him. I now feel like I can talk to any one of these men on what I am facing or being tempted with, without embarrassment."

- Ralph Basciano

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