Regional Thrive Conference Reflection

Young adults from many different Sovereign Grace churches gathered for the first weekend in November for the Regional Thrive Conference, a young-adult conference hosted by Covenant Fellowship Church, and among those young adults were a group of Resolved folks. The theme this year was “Reformed,” and the main sessions addressed the five solas: Christ Alone, Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, To the Glory of God Alone. Main session speakers included pastors such as Ian McConnell and Tim Shorey as well as Craig Cabaniss all the way from Frisco, Texas.

On Saturday afternoon, young adults had their choice of which breakout sessions to attend that addressed different topics. Our very own Warren Boettcher led one of the seminars called He Love Me, He Loves Me Not: Understanding Arminianism. Overall, it was a weekend full of sound teaching by solid speakers. Worship and ministry time during the main sessions allowed for people to respond to the messages and be prayed for by their peers. There was also plenty of fun and fellowship to be enjoyed as lunch and dinner breaks were long and allowed for time to connect with people from different churches. About half of the folks from Resolved stayed in a hotel together and enjoyed a deeper sense of community through bunking together.

To give an even better glimpse of what the weekend was like, we interviewed two of our Resolved folks to get their thoughts on the conference.

Was this your first Thrive conference? What made you want to attend?

Meredith: Yes, this was my first time attending Thrive. I decided to go since I was not able to make it last year and I heard a lot of people enjoyed it. I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about the topic "reformed" and spend time with people from SGC!

Cory: This was my first year attending Thrive. I saw all of the Resolved people last year attending Thrive and having a great time and decided that I did not want to miss out this year.

Which one of the main sessions stuck out to you the most?

Meredith: I would have to say Ian McConnell's message on the word of God. He repeated the points: 1) come to Him 2) listen to what He has to say and 3) believe it. The message challenged me to view God's word differently and relate to Jesus in my obedience of the bible. Throughout the message, Ian urged us to trust in the authority of God's word.

Cory: Ian McConnell's session on "Scripture Alone" was the main session that most spoke to me. Personally, I struggle with reading and understanding God's Word so having someone point out the importance and perfectness of it was something I really appreciated. It should be a main aspect of my belief, and my knowledge of it gives me something to stand on living my life and spreading the Gospel.

What break out session did you find personally helpful?

Meredith: I went to C.B. Eder's sermon on suffering and found it to be especially helpful. One thing he said was "we don't get to choose how we honor God but how we are going to respond." It was a sobering reminder of how imperfect this life is and yet the joy that can be found regardless of our circumstances. He also said, "let us value being conformed into the image of Christ, over having a problem free life."

Cory: I attended two of the breakout sessions but C.B. Eder's session "Just Tell Me Why" spoke to me the most. I have gone through patches of my life where I was sorrowful and questioned why God hadn't blessed me in this way because He had blessed others in that way or why did He put me through certain trials when I could see other people around me going through seemingly easy times in their lives. It helped reiterate the fact that God is sovereign and that He would never put us in a situation where both He and I couldn't handle together.

What was your favorite part about the weekend?

Meredith: My favorite part of the weekend was listening to the teachings and all the free books!

Cory: My favorite thing about the weekend was the camaraderie that everyone had. It was great to spend time with Resolved people and like-aged people from other churches over a full weekend. It was a great encouragement seeing that many 20-something aged believers having fun, worshiping, and taking in God's Word together.

For more information on the young-adult ministry at Sovereign Grace Church, Resolved, click here.

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