Beginning the Christian Journey

The Beta Course is a six-week class specifically designed for new believers as it addresses the fundamentals of the Christian faith. The most recent Beta class was taught by Andrew, who had the opportunity to lead people through teachings on such topics as Bible study, prayer, and sanctification. He was able to follow up with Jim, Gerard, and one couple - Vic and Val - to find out their thoughts on the course.

What made you decide to take Beta?

Jim: Having decided to apply to join SGC, I believed Beta was the next step as I took Alpha and Starting Point.

Vic & Val: To further our study of the Bible and grow deeper in our faith.

Gerard: I saw Beta advertised on the screen at church and felt called to join the group. In my short-ish walk with the Lord, I have benefited from classes and group instruction and felt this one would also be a good first class to take in my time at Sovereign Grace.

How has the class impacted your walk with the Lord?

Jim: I enjoyed Beta the most of the three classes offered. Primarily, the class made me aware of how normal and important evangelism is in a Christian Life. Evangelism is a sign of a true follower of Christ.

Vic & Val: It gave us a deeper understanding of prayer, sanctification, repentance & evangelism.

Gerard: I think I have yet to see how exactly the class has impacted my walk with the Lord overall, but since the class began I feel that my bible study and prayer life are more meaningful after discussion in class and [receiving] some good pointers on how to do those in a meaningful way.

What was one of your favorite things about the class?

Jim: Andrew, [you] made all attendees completely comfortable, enough that many shared their testimonies though they were for the most part all strangers prior to attending Beta.

Val: [I] liked the opportunity to have a one-on-one dialogue with someone [who has] knowledge of the Bible and who could provide valuable insight.

Vic: Group interaction and fellowship.

Gerard: My favorite thing about the class was the fellowship with other Christians and getting to know others from the church. Learning that others have the same questions as I do and share similar struggles and challenges increases my confidence in my walk.

Why would you recommend someone to take Beta?

Jim: In this class it happened that we had three to four Roman Catholics, I being one. This made for a greater sense that my concerns were better addressed and shared.

Vic & Val: Yes, [we] would definitely recommend anyone (not just new believers) attend as anyone can learn something new or be refreshed.

Gerard: I would most definitely recommend others take Beta because the subject matter that was up for study and discussion seems like it is applicable to most Christian's lives, especially those of us who are early in our walk and fairly new to the faith. Thanks again for the opportunity and instruction, I am also looking forward to Alpha.

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