Love in Action: Being the Hands of Jesus

Almost every Christian can identify with overcoming struggle. That’s a fact of Christian living and a fact of Christian service. But the struggle is so much greater for our members who need and use a wheel chair. Even something as seemingly simple as getting in and out of their house’s front door can be difficult. So it was for Oni Dakhari and her son, Kayin. He’s growing fast and Oni was having a tough time getting him down the house’s front walk, up the home’s concrete stoop, through the front door and into the house. When Oni made her needs known to the Spuler Community Group, of which she’s a member, it sprang into action and in a relatively short time produced a set of plans for a wood ramp and began fund raising to build the project.

But things soon ran off track. Fund raising was a slow and difficult process. Then, before we had put down a single board or shovel full of concrete, my back went out. Almost five months of physical therapy followed, and all construction was out of bounds for me until I was fully recovered.

But the Lord provides, especially in the midst of our struggles. Into the breach stepped Mark Lucas, a member of the DiMarcangelo Community Group. Mark runs his own masonry construction company, Lucas Construction Services. After carefully looking over the set of ramp plans, he put them aside and said, “I can build that ramp out of concrete in one day. I just built one like it a couple of weeks ago.”

Before my physical therapy was complete, Mark had submitted a sketch to the town and almost before we knew it, he and his crew built a beautiful and seamlessly smooth concrete ramp from the driveway to the house’s front door. When I told him what a beautiful job he had done with the project, Mark simply shrugged and said, “no problem.”

So what once was struggle became a blessing. "Having the ramp makes it easier on me and my Mom because we can get in and out of our house now without having to take apart my wheelchair; it's great!,” Kayin says, adding, “Thank you to my Sovereign Grace Church family." Oni adds, "Our ramp is beautiful and a daily reminder of God's grace and your compassion and concern-in-action.”

But perhaps the best summary of it all is the one that Mark himself provided only minutes after finishing the project. “To God be the glory.”

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