Why You Should Join A Ministry Team

Right after church on Sunday, March 5, you could hear a hum of activity in the lobby, and it wasn’t just the normal exodus of children from the Kids’ Quest wing. In addition to the usual busyness of Sunday morning, a special church-wide Ministry Team reboot was underway. Tables outlined the entire lobby, each designated to a specific ministry team with the leader manning the table. Parking. Hospitality. Lighting, Sound. The names, displayed on signs above the tables, continued on and on down the walls. Two tents stood in the middle of the floor, covering more tables and more ministry team leaders who were ready to answer any questions that potential additions may have had. A huge display board with the words “Join a Ministry Team” served as inspiration, exhibiting pictures of those in our church serving in all different areas of ministry. The purpose of the day? To allow people to sign up for new areas of service and to also give opportunity for seasoned volunteers to phase out of their current team and join a new one. Overall, the Sunday was a success with many new names on sign-up sheets for leaders to train and welcome into their groups in the coming months. Sign-ups continued throughout the rest of the month which allowed for any who may have missed to still find a place to serve. Here’s feedback from some of the Ministry Team leaders on how they thought the day went:

How long have you been leading your team for?

Ed: I have been leading the Sunday Prep Team for seven years.

Dan: I have been leading the Gospel Outreach (GO) evangelism ministry for three years.

What was your favorite part of Ministry Team Sign-Up Sunday?

Ed: I think just seeing how many people signed up for different ministries - a lot of people signed up for the Usher team! Also the realization of how many ministries we do have and how many opportunities there are for people to serve in our church.

Dan: My favorite part of Ministry Team Sign-up was that it was an opportunity to put a spotlight on the wide variety of serving options available to the Sovereign Grace congregation. Many ministries, like GO, are largely unknown to the congregation. Ministry Team sign-ups highlighted that Sovereign Grace offers a variety of serving opportunities to accommodate the diversity of gifts the Lord has bestowed upon the body of Christ.

Why do you believe serving on a ministry team is important?

Ed: I think it’s important for everyone in the church to serve in some capacity because it helps you develop a sense of ownership and helps the church function well. It helps you get tied into serving and gives God an opportunity to work in your life and allows you to serve in the same way that Jesus served us.

Dan: Serving on a ministry team is important because, as we see in the parable of the talents, God expects us to use what He has given us. Of those who have been saved, not one is without a gifting or multiple giftings from the Lord. All of which, big and small, can be used to bring Him glory and advance His kingdom.

If someone were considering signing up to serve but was still hesitant, what would you tell them?

Ed: Don’t hesitant. It’s the best thing you could ever do to get involved in serving in the church.

Dan: For those who are still hesitant to sign up, I would encourage them to step out in faith, to shun what is comfortable, and to discover that in the Christian life some of the greatest joy and growth can be found in service.

If you would like to join a ministry team, you don't have to wait until the next Sign-Up Sunday! Please look through our list of ministry teams at http://www.sovgracenj.org/serve and contact the leader any time!

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