Over Fifty: Making the Most Out of Life

When a Christian passes the age of 50, is there anything more for them to examine in their walk with the Lord? After all, by the time they reach that age, most of them have raised a family or are well along on that path with grown children. They’ve likely pursued a livelihood, and had their share of ups and downs in life, joys and heartaches. And for most of us, our faith has been tested in such a variety of ways, we might be tempted to say that we’ve seen it all.

That’s a mistake, of course. The Gospel doesn’t change or age, even if we do. And no person, no matter how experienced or diligent in their walk with the Lord has seen it all or even has come remotely close to that. It’s impossible.

Perhaps realizing this, more than 60 Sovereign Grace members signed up for and attended “Over Fifty,” a class developed to help Christians during this season in their lives, whether they had just passed the milestone of 50 or whether they were well beyond it.

“It was a terrific opportunity to challenge my thinking about the way my walk with God will change as I mature and move into the years where my professional and career aspirations will begin to take on a lower priority,” said my friend Terry Schwartz, a husband, father and a relatively recent grandfather. “The large group presentation and the small group discussions helped new ideas emerge about the exciting (and maybe scary) journey I’m on,” Terry says. “Oh, and I met some wonderful new and interesting people as well. It was a rewarding and timely input for the years ahead.”

That sounds like a man who has seen a lot in life but is ready and even eager for this next stage, in whatever capacity he finds himself, whether that’s as a role model for a younger generation or as a servant in a ministry he’s never tried before. And that’s key. Rather than rest on our accomplishments, we look for new challenges and fresh thinking. And we hope that in all of it, we grow in our walk with the Lord. Because, that’s really the key to making the most out of life.

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