Worship God

Musicians, sound technicians and fellow worshipers gathered for a few days at the Worship God Northeast Conference to receive training and to strengthen one another in skill and spirit. Let's see what two of the attendees from our church had to say.

What was your reason for attending Worship God Northeast?

Peter: I wanted to meet other church musicians in the area and learn tips for improving my playing.

Mark: I was invited by Jason to attend this conference. I thought it was a good idea to network with people involved with music ministry and other churches. I also wanted to take advantage of certain workshops.

What teaching did you find the most helpful?

Peter: Brian Davis' message was a powerful reminder of how Jesus is enough for every situation in life.

Mark: The plenary speakers were passionate and informative as they taught on various aspects of the theology of worship.

What was your favorite breakout session and why?

Peter: The guitar intensive had something for everyone from beginners to experts.

Mark: I attended three workshops on keyboarding, vocal harmonies, and musical composition. The third session on song writing was my favorite. Three composers described how they became inspired to compose lyrics and melodies for congregational singing and subsequently detailed their writing processes.

How did the conference allow for you to connect with other musicians?

Peter: Lots of opportunities to meet and talk to other musicians — both presenters and attendees.

Mark: There was plenty of free time to meet with fellow musicians over meals and to share ideas with one another.

Why would you recommend someone to attend?

Peter: Attend Worship God to meet and fellowship with other church musicians and to be encouraged by excellent teaching on the God we worship.

Mark: There are a number of reasons that attendance at conferences is important for the worship musician/leader including learning new songs, assimilating new techniques, and sharing ideas with fellow Christian musicians serving in their local churches.

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