Resolved to Follow Jesus

On May 19-21, young adults from our church attended the annual Resolved Retreat which was hosted at Camp Andrews in Holtwood, PA for the second year in a row. The theme of this year's retreat was Follow and all the sessions focused around following Jesus and how we are motivated to do that. The young adults were blessed by having Jason and Laurie Reyes and CB Eder as the speakers for the weekend. The breakout sessions were especially welcomed as the ladies got to hear from Laurie and the guys were able to glean from CB. And if the sessions alone weren't enough to make for a fruitful weekend, encouragement and fellowship also happened through morning discussion groups and during free time while waiting in line to rock climb or zip line. One of the guys who attended, Kurt, had some good insights to offer.

How many Resolved Retreats have you been on?

Kurt: This was my third retreat.

What part of the retreat do you always look forward to the most?

Kurt: The part of the retreat I always look forward to most is the opportunity to fellowship with so many young adults from our church who I rarely get to talk to otherwise. The Body of Christ is so much greater than how I often consider it to be.

What was your favorite session from the retreat? Why?

Kurt: My favorite session taught on Luke 7:36-50 when Jesus entered the home of a pharisee and the sinful woman comes to worship Jesus and anoints his feet with ointment. The theme of the retreat was "Follow," and this session captured my devotion by reminding me who Christ is by how he associates himself with sinners just like me. I had been trying to obey God in my own strength, but at the onset of the retreat he focused me on Christ's incredible love as the source for following him.

Besides the main sessions, what did you enjoy most about the weekend?

Kurt: I enjoyed musical worship, singing praise songs with all my heart, and seeing the Holy Spirit fill my friends around me, along with a time of prayer for one another.

What was one thing that God taught you at the Resolved Retreat?

Kurt: One thing God taught me at the retreat is that when I get anxious or life seems uncertain, my path is sure and straight because the gaze of my eyes are on Christ.

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