Getting to Know Our Deacons: Steve Sinclair

In both Mark and Matthew, Jesus commands His disciples to go into all the world and make disciples. On the face of it, that call to evangelism sounds simple enough. We’re called to assist the Holy Spirit in this task. But many of us, myself included, put that command aside—and it is a command. Sure, we might tithe and serve, but evangelize? Jesus makes no exceptions. For those of us who don’t see ourselves cut out to stand up on a milk crate in a public place and proclaim the gospel while being heckled, what do we do next? For the timid evangelists among us, Steve Sinclair, has some advice. He’s the deacon in charge of evangelism, and he well recalls that day three years ago when he took up that call. He was summoned to the front of the sanctuary along with deacons Otto Lubrich and Ken Bond. Their work as deacons would be important. And as Christians have known for thousands of years, the best way to equip somebody charged with an important task is to pray with them and over them. And that is exactly what the pastors and the congregation did. They prayed. Since then, he says, he’s learned that there’s more to evangelizing than what many of us typically think. “All of us are called to evangelize,” Steve says. “Jesus knew when he issued that command that we’d find it challenging, but that’s also why he sent the Holy Spirit. And each of us can be prepared for the job just as Otto, Ken and I were.” And the Lord knew when he issued His famous command that each of us can evangelize to our strengths, in our own way, doing what we do best. Steve points out that it can mean gently sharing the gospel with strangers and church members alike, encouraging one another and our pastors, serving one another, caring, and stepping up when called upon to a duty, even one we’ve never tried before. ”In many respects, it’s all evangelism,” Steve says, adding, “The opportunities are closer than you think. You don’t have to go to Kenya. We can evangelize in Ocean City, Cherry Hill or in our own homes among friends, neighbors and family. Use words if you have to, but otherwise, let your light shine before others.” As the deacon of evangelism, Steve helps to coordinate two of our church's evangelistic ministries - Alpha and Summer Blast - which have had a large influence in bringing people from the community into church.

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