Resolved For The Year

A jump start is in place for the Resolved, the young adult ministry of Sovereign Grace Church, which comprises of both singles and young married couples. Resolved’s mission statement is to help young adults “love Christ more” and the purpose of the ministry is to “equip and invest in young adults to participate in gospel mission and live radically for Jesus.”

Jason Reyes, the overseeing pastor of Resolved since January 2014 says Resolved is “one of the most favorite ministries I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of!” His hopes for the upcoming year of Resolved are three-fold: to grow in making disciples who help disciple others, to see more young adults commit to, join and participate in the life of SGC, and to assist in the successful transition from high school to college-aged

ministry. “To fulfill these goals we’ve started two new community groups (led by Alex & Lauren DiFazio and Kurt & Ashley Orfe). These groups exist to help followers of Jesus enjoy their relationship with God through the Gospel and to help us grow in our pursuit of loving one another,” says Jason. There are several new things on the horizon for Resolved this year. Jason and his wife Laurie and are each leading a discipleship group (d-group), both of which are studying the book Gospel by J.D. Greear. Additionally, small fellowship groups will be forming soon that will go through Milton Vincent’s Gospel Primer together and help one another live life for God’s glory on a daily basis.

In addition to Jason, Resolved also has a committed leader from within the group, Sam Bangs. “I am blessed to be able to serve Resolved in a few ways. I help plan events and service projects that happen throughout the year and communicate the plans to the various community groups and d-groups. I also will be overseeing our Creative Team that will be planning our Spring Retreat in May!”

When asked what kinds of events Resolved typically hosts, Sam explained the Resolved Gatherings. “Every month, Resolved hosts something called "The Gathering,” which typically happens on the first Sunday of the month. This allows all of Resolved to gather together and fellowship with one another at someone's home. More importantly, Gatherings are designed to be relaxed, fun, and a 'non-threatening' environment that allows our folks to invite and bring classmates, co-workers, family and friends who might not be familiar or comfortable with church. On October 8, we had our annual Harvest Party at the church (see photos) where we played yard games and had a pumpkin carving contest! There was also ample time for people to just sit and talk (and play an intense game of Uno!). Our next Gathering will be our annual Turkey Bowl hosted at Laurel Acres on November 12!” In addition to the Gatherings, Sam also mentioned a few prayer and worship

nights were on the calendar for the year, as well as some service projects. And of course, “the highlight of the Resolved social calendar” is the spring retreat each year!

With all of those things planned, there is much to be excited about for this year of Resolved. Sam gave his final thoughts on the upcoming year: “God has really given Jason and Laurie this amazing vision for Resolved that has made me more excited for this upcoming year than I have ever been! We are really focusing on smaller groups this year to go deeper in our relationship with God as well as our relationships with one other. Our young, married couples (which are growing by the minute around here!) are getting more of an emphasis this year as they will be meeting with Jason and Laurie for monthly luncheons. I am also so excited for our revamped d-groups and the new fellowship groups that are currently forming within our community groups. The material that Jason and Laurie are using not only is enriching our faith, but is helping us put the focus back on the simplest, basic, and essential truth – the Gospel. I am so excited to see how God will be working in and through Resolved this year!

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