Words of Thanksgiving from our Pastors

Sovereign Grace Church is blessed by a group of humble and thoughtful pastors and administrators. The devoted ministry of these men is truly a cause of thankfulness in this and in every season.

For this issue of the SGC Newsletter, we’ve asked them to share their thoughts on giving thanks.

And from all of us on the newsletter team,

Happy Thanksgiving.

- Roy Berendsohn


I am thankful for a church family who has cared for my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs especially during this lengthy trial of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. From rebuilding my shed and providing for nutritional supplements to steadfastly praying for my health and healing, members of this church have truly been the body of Christ to me. Through you I have experienced His caring hand and heart of mercy and compassion.


Over time, I've found that there are two things I can almost always do, no matter the situation or circumstances. One thing is to serve in some way; you can always find something to do, and it often helps to be busy in some kind of service, especially when you feel awkward in a situation. The other thing is to express gratitude. Gratitude is not always the easier of the two, but it is usually the most fruitful, impacting my own heart and – by extension – helping others. Nothing helps a weak, sinful heart like looking back and giving thanks to the Lord for what He has already done, because it builds hope for what He'll likely do again.


I’m thankful for God’s amazing kindness, patience, and faithfulness to such a weak man for such a long time. He is generous in His grace.


I stand overwhelmed by the immeasurable blessing God has shown me over the years. God has blessed me with committed Christian friends, a calling that serves my life purpose and provides for my family, a healthy mind and body, as well as a beautiful wife and family. Most importantly, God’s grace has been extended to me through Jesus’ redemptive work. For these reasons and more I rest in Christ with an attitude of gratitude.


Biblical gratitude first starts with humility; the humility to own our pride, our selfishness, our limitations and ultimately our unrighteousness before a Holy God. A thankful person knows where he came from, what he’s been forgiven for and recognizes the good that he’s received but yet doesn’t deserve.


The gift of God (Christ for our sins) is the root of the Christian's rejoicing- regardless their season.


As we approach thanksgiving, I’m reminded of author Kay Arthur who said: “God is in control, and therefore in EVERYTHING I can give thanks - not because of the situation but because of the One who directs and rules over it.” So, I believe we can draw great comfort from God’s Sovereign Grace in our lives no matter the circumstances: plenty or need.

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