How Much Do You Know About Christmas?

In the spirit of the season, we've put together a little Christmas trivia for all of you to enjoy!

And from all of us on the newsletter team, we wish you and your family a very merry Christmas!

- Ashley, Ebi, Pat and Roy


1. Where does the term “Xmas” come from?

2. What does the word Advent really mean?

3. How many maids a milking are in "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?

4. Which Christmas song was originally made for Thanksgiving?

A. Jingle Bells

B. Home For The Holidays

C. Sleigh Ride

5. What are the official Christmas colors?

A. Red, white and green

B. Red, green and gold

C. Red, white, green and gold

6. When was Jesus born?

A. 1 A.D. - 5 A.D.

B. 7 B.C. - 2 B.C.

C. Late December

D. A & C

E. B & C

7. The candy cane was created

A. by accident

B. to make it easy for children to hold their candy

C. to decorate or trim the Christmas tree

D. to remind us of the good Shepherd

8. Which U.S. President banned the Christmas tree from being displayed in the White House and why?

9. Who wrote the lyrics and who wrote the melody for "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"?

10. What popular cracker was introduced in 1902 as a Christmas ornament?


  1. The "X" in Xmas has Greek origins; it is the Greek letter Chi, taken from the first letter of the Greek word for Christ.

  2. The arrival of a notable person, thing or event.

  3. Eight

  4. A. Jingle Bells

  5. B. Red, green and gold (red = blood of Christ, green = rebirth, and gold = light and royalty)

  6. B. 7 B.C. - 2 B.C. (the exact birth date is unknown)

  7. D. Introduced to the U.S. in the 1800s, candy canes were created with significant meaning. The candy cane hook and its colors, red and white, serve as a reminder of Jesus, the Shepherd, and the purity and sacrifice displayed by him.

  8. President Theodore Roosevelt banned the Christmas tree from the White House as he was an avid environmentalist and feared that it would lead to deforestation.

  9. Charles Wesley & Felix Mendelssohn

  10. Barnum’s Animal Cracker box was introduced in 1902. It had a string attached to the box so it could be hung from a Christmas tree as an ornament.

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