An Alpha To Remember

It is a true saying that "if everything is special, nothing is.” Often times when it comes to outreach endeavors like Alpha, we want them all to be special – to be marked by God in tangible ways – but that is simply not always the case. Many times our labors for the Lord are carried out by faith and in faithfulness, without seeing the fruit we pray and hope for. And many times God is honored by that and works through those labors in ways we cannot yet see. I never want us to despair or grow weary in those times for those very reasons, but there are also times when God chooses to do something special…

…and this year by God’s grace was one of those times! I can say in all sincerity that there was something special about this last Alpha course that was held at our church this past fall. How was it special? It was special because you could actually see God captivate those who came out for the class. You could see it in peoples’ attentiveness to the messages, you could hear it in their participation in their discussion groups, and you could feel it in their transformations. Stories of grace were being written in our midst – stories that are still being written and stories I hope one day they will share with you.

So why was this Alpha different? Honestly, I don’t know. If this was some kind of recipe, we would cook it up every time. The same leaders and servant were faithfully laboring, the same messages were being given, and the food… well, the food is always good at Alpha, but there was just something special about this time around.

So what do we do from here? I can think of three things:

  • First, we thank the Lord for all He did this past Alpha!

  • Second, we continue in prayer for Alpha. I may not know why things were different this time, but I am sure that prayer played a real part. I am sure that God wants us to remain dependent on Him for His help in His work.

  • Thirdly, we invest and invite. We invest in the people that are becoming a part of SGC Marlton through Alpha, and we continue to invite others out to Alpha. The next Alpha course will be coming up again in fall 2018. Please consider this time who you could invite out, and then warmly invite them and consider attending with them.

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