Worthy of Worship: Christmas Eve

Christmas can be overwhelming, and it’s sadly ironic that it’s easy for a Christian to lose sight of the Gospel during the holiday, with increased demands at home and at work. What a blessing, then, to set all that aside and come to Sovereign Grace to hear a well-preached Christmas Eve message centered on the Gospel.

But even before the message, there was the festiveness of children singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful and Little Drummer Boy and a beautiful Advent invocation given by Pastor Jason Reyes. Christmas, he said, commemorates the fact that “the Creator comes in the form of His creation.” And though this inspires awe and wonder, it also inspires an abiding thankfulness. In Jesus, Jason said, “we have a sympathetic High Priest” who intercedes for us, doing for us that which we could never do for ourselves, making us right before a just and holy God.

Senior Pastor Warren Boettcher delivered the Christmas message: Worthy of Worship. The Christmas story is familiar to us, but therein lies a danger, he warned – “We can take it for granted.” Warren urged his listeners to look beyond festivities and the usual trappings of Christmas. “Christ alone is worthy of our extravagant worship,” he said.

The message nicely knitted together themes that Christ is both the opposed king and the worshipped king. Opposition was true in Jesus’s day, is true today and will be true until the last day. Old Testament prophecy accurately foretold this. This is all the more reason for Christians not to unwittingly oppose Christ in our own hearts in our own ways. Christian living brings with it obligations, Warren explained. If Christ is king of our heart, he said, we give up the right of our own opinions. But we gain much more: the forgiveness of our sins, knowing God and living for His glory.

That heartening message is enough to propel a Christian through Christmas into the new year. Live for Christ. Give Him the glory in all things. Express that in worship and in daily living. Live not for the created thing, Warren said, but for the Creator.

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