Mom University

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you.” – Isaiah 66:13

It’s often assumed that by nature, women instantly know how to become moms as soon as a baby enters their arms. Granted, some of us have witnessed some of the best parenting skills of relatives during our childhood, and may have even read all of the New York Times Best Sellers on child-rearing, but there are hiccups along this personal journey that remind us moms that throughout it all, we need God’s help.

Mom University provides new and mature moms a space where they can unapologetically exist and share the do’s and don’ts of motherhood with a biblical perspective. Simply put, it’s kitchen talk with your favorite family members and all of the best topics are covered. It’s also a kid-free event with on-site child supervision provided – Amen!

Topics such as parenting, financial freedom, and home organization are discussed over coffee and light refreshments for eight consecutive Wednesdays, which began January 10 and will end next week on February 28.

This environment presents many opportunities to meet and bond with women who are walking a similar path to yours, or someone you know.

“Hearing how God's worked in other ladies' lives is always exciting and encouraging,” says Shana Baloche. “I've [also] loved getting to spend time with women in all seasons of motherhood. It's such a sweet time.”

The moms gather in a packed cafe anticipating godly insight that can be applied to their daily family (and individual) lives. After the speaking portion, there is a Q&A session, which is followed up with a closing prayer. Most of the moms linger around afterward connecting with other moms, reflecting on the day’s topic and offering one another comfort.

Although this class is running only for the second time at SGC, it is already making a great impact. Laurie Reyes has contributed to that as a much sought-after Mom U speaker with her true life (and often hilarious) stories about selflessness and love.

Like Reyes, Baloche has had the opportunity of wearing both hats as an audience member and a speaker at Mom U. She has attended Mom U for both years, and her time in fellowship with other moms is a much looked forward to experience. She recognizes the blessing that it is.

“Each week [that] I've been able to come, God has given me truths to take home and apply,” she says. “I believe we've all had our moments, sitting there in tears, knowing God had someone say something that was just what we needed to hear!”

And this is why we worship Him. As moms, we thank God for who He is and for what He does in each and every one of us. We are perfectly made in His image, but we are not perfect. We simply do our best with the wisdom and strength God provides us. We won’t always understand everything or have all the answers, but we have an awesome Father who knows all and sees all.

Baloche goes on to say: “My prayer for Mom U is that moms would know they're not alone, especially on the hardest days, and that God is for them in this season. He's going before them, and that's evidenced by the things ladies share that hit home just perfectly.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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