High Tea in an English Garden

This past weekend a little over 300 women gathered for what has become a much-anticipated and high in-demand event – the women’s annual High Tea. This is the third year that the women’s ministry has planned this exquisite time for ladies in and outside the church. With Downton Abbey and Jane Austen as the past themes, this year’s theme continued the novelty with High Tea in an English Garden.

The afternoon started out with a fashion show featuring hats we would be most accustomed to see worn by the royal family or at the Kentucky derby. The models each arrived at a royal shower on stage and walked out bearing their gift and styling their hat and dress. After all the models processed down the center aisle, all the women enjoyed elegant piano music while feasting on all the dainties that had been so graciously baked by many women in our church. LaRae Garretson even blessed the women with an original composition entitled “Botany Fantasy in F#.”

After tea, a gift game was played with much laughter that resulted in one lady at each table winning a

garden-themed gift. Then each woman dived into gardening of her own as Loretta Boyd, a long-time florist, led the entire room in an individual flower-arranging craft which each lady got to take home. After all the rustle of flowers was quieted, Laurie Reyes presented a thought-provoking message about not just blooming where you’re planted, but more importantly, establishing deep roots in God’s love, even when there are no “blooms” in your life.

The afternoon continued with music as the ladies ensemble, led by Sarah Brazell, sang “In the Garden,” whose author was chronicled by Christina Kalvelage. Then all the women stood to sing a few songs led by Nancy Carnuccio which were also gardened-themed. Finally, Kim Boettcher ended the high tea with prayer and well wishes, and many women left with wide smiles on their faces from all they had enjoyed. The whole affair was so thoughtfully put together from start to finish under the expertise of Robin Young and her team of ladies; it was truly an afternoon that blessed many women and brightened their day. Enjoy just a few snapshots of how wonderful the afternoon was!

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