SGC Ushers: Committed to Serving

Every Sunday morning, dozens of ministry workers come together to ensure that the service runs smoothly so that everyone can focus on the Lord throughout the worship time and the message.

The Greeting Ministry, Ushers, Children’s Ministry, Hospitality, the Parking Team, Welcome Center Ministry and the Food Ministry (to name just a few) all gather to perform services that benefit everyone in attendance.

I recently talked with Joe Kucharski who has participated in the Usher Team for 19 years and who took on leadership responsibilities after Ed Wilson stepped down in 2013. Joe is proud of his team and shared with me that ushers do more than “simply stand around” on Sunday morning. He said, “Our job is to serve the Lord by serving our members, to show the face of Christ. We want to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome in our church.”

The focus is to keep order and keep people moving. Each week, you can see ushers standing at the entrance to all aisles greeting everyone with a smile, answering questions and ushering people to open seats as the church fills up. You will see them moving up and down the aisles passing out greeting packets to those visiting Sovereign Grace for the first time and then collecting the offering. On communion Sundays, they are there to distribute the elements as well.

Joe adds, “We also serve during special times such as Good Friday and Christmas Eve and for events like Laugh Out loud.”

Presently, the 54-member Usher Team is broken up into 4 groups, with one group serving each Sunday and led by a team captain. Joe said, “We always need more ushers. The ministry is very fluid. People can move or be ill any given Sunday or have work or family obligations.” He encourages anyone interested in being a part of the Usher Ministry to see him on a Sunday morning or email him at

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