Behind the Scenes: Stage Crew

In the last issue we profiled the Usher Ministry, a group of people who smile, greet and help keep everyone moving into their seats.

There is another group who also helps us experience a wonderful service every Sunday - the Stage Crew Ministry. The ministry is headed by Jeff Stoner, a member of Sovereign Grace since 2005 when we were meeting at Cherry Hill West. Jeff assumed leadership of the ministry shortly after we moved into our new church and he will tell you that he learned “on the job.” He says, “I’ve been involved with worship teams in the past and have some behind-the-scenes experience with the talent show my wife runs at our children’s school. Other than that, I learned pretty much on the job.”

Every member of this ministry arrives well before the service (around 7:30 AM) to ensure that the stage is set both for the Worship Team to start their practice as well as for the pastor who is teaching that Sunday. They run through a regimented protocol that includes setting up the microphones, running wires, positioning the music stands and sound monitors for the singers and musicians. If the choir is singing, they set up the risers. If there are baptisms, they see that the baptistry is filled with water and ready to go.

When our pastors start their teaching, they can be confident that the stage crew has tested the headset for the pastor and anyone else who may be speaking that day.

Jeff and his ministry team enjoy being able to eliminate as many distractions and worries as possible for the Worship Team and the pastors so that they can use their gifts and abilities to lead the congregation.

Once the service is over, the team kicks into gear again breaking down and storing everything they set up. Just as the Usher Ministry assists at special functions, so does the Stage Crew Ministry.

If you watch them as they’re setting up for any service or event, you can see the concentration and camaraderie among the team members. If you’d like to join this very important team, you can contact Jeff at

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