The Woman Behind the Events!

Many of us enjoyed the blessing of attending SGC’s 25th anniversary celebration on Saturday, September 29. We were treated to a walk down memory lane in the Museum, skits that made us laugh, music that made us nostalgic and h’ors doeuvres and desserts that made us smile as we chatted with our friends and family.

This event didn’t just come together magically. You may have seen a very focused Robin Young moving quickly through the crowd with her clipboard in tow. Robin is the very busy church member who spearheads most of our special events, including the very successful Women’s conferences, the enjoyable Best of Broadway night, and the wonderful Mother’s Day Teas. If that isn’t enough, Robin also serves as the church’s wedding coordinator.

Robin first came to SGC in 2010 to attend the baby dedication of a friend’s child. She and her family felt an almost immediate affinity for the church and soon became members. Her prior church had a very active women’s ministry so it seems almost natural that her heart for women’s ministry caught the attention of SGC women who approached her to plan and execute the Nancy Guthrie event that attracted over 500 women. That was just the beginning.

Robin graciously attributes the success of the events she has overseen to the many volunteers who join forces to produce days and nights to remember. The path to success starts with seeking out team leaders whose job it is to execute specific areas of production. Her job as she sees it - provide each of them with the resources they need to be successful. She is more than the director. Robin gets down in the trenches doing whatever is needed. You remember those beautiful “through the decades” wedding gowns at one of the Mother’s Day Teas? Well, somebody had to iron them. Guess who ironed for hours to get them ready?

Robin truly appreciates the dozens of volunteers who work to pull these events together. She is amazed by their hard work and credits the Lord with helping everyone overcome those little (or not so little) challenges, mishaps and crises that seems to creep into every event.

One of the things Robin enjoys most about the events is that so many of them present opportunities to invite friends, neighbors and family to attend, to hear about the Lord and the Gospel message.

We’re already anticipating another wonderful Mother’s Day Tea in 2019 , knowing it will be an amazing event with Robin and her many volunteers behind it.

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